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SWAMP Online Documentation:

SWAMP Installguide:
  1. System requirements
  2. Install with SUSE RPM
  3. Download the SWAMP source-code
  4. Install from source
  5. Special notes for building on Windows
  6. Set up the MySQL database backend
  7. Setup SWAMP users
  8. Setup Apache Tomcat
  9. SWAMP config files
  10. The first run of SWAMP
  11. Example workflow: organizing a meeting
The install guide helps you to set up a running SWAMP system either from RPM or by building from source. It contains basic information about the initial system and of the included example workflows.
SWAMP Adminguide:
  1. What is SWAMP?
  2. Overview of the SWAMP architecture
  3. Creating a Workflow Definition
  4. Creating a workflow resource bundle
  5. Setting up authentication with LDAP / other datasource
  6. WebSWAMP
  8. Perl SOAP client
  9. Updating / maintenance of the server
The admin guide gives an insight of the SWAMP architecture and the features of its workflow engine. It contains detailed information on creating new workflows and administrating the system.
SWAMP Developers guide:
  1. Setting up a development environment with eclipse
  2. Debug a running SWAMP with eclipse
  3. The Container
  4. How workflow tasks Work
  5. SWAMP User Interface Style Guide
  6. Implementation of Permissions and Roles
  7. The SWAMP API classes
  8. Localization
The Developers guide contains help on how to set up a development environment and explains the basic concepts inside the code.
Download SWAMP Documentation:

- SWAMP Adminguide (PDF, 556 Kb)
- SWAMP Installguide (PDF, 436 Kb)
- SWAMP Developers guide (PDF, 89 Kb)

Papers that are based on the topic SWAMP:

- Diploma thesis of Thomas Schmidt (german, PDF, 860 Kb)

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