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Setup SWAMP users

SWAMP uses the MySQL backend by default to store user information such as the users password, email-adress and so on. If you want to use another backend (eg. LDAP) for user authentication, please read the corresponding chapter in the developers manual.

Adding new users is not yet implemented in the webSWAMP frontent. This has to be done directly in the database. Easy GUIs for administrating MySQL databases are for example phpMyAdmin and MySQL Administrator. For security reasons, the users passwords are not stored in clear-text, but just a MD5 Hash of the password. A MD5 representation of the password string can for example be generated by the command:

perl -e 'use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex); print md5_hex("password");'
echo -n "password" | md5sum;

By default, there are already three accounts set up: 
username: mrswamp, password: swamp
username: swamp_admin, password: !swamp#
username: swamp_user, password: swamp

Please change these values in a production environment.

When a user has logged in, the webSWAMP GUI provides a "Preferences" page where he can change his data including his password and preferred language.

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