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Example workflow: organizing a meeting

Now that you succeeded in installing SWAMP, its time to get a real workflow started. The SWAMP distribution contains an example workflow called "Meeting" that helps to organize a meeting and distribute the meetings result by email afterwards.

Please direct your browser to <swamp-host>:8080/webswamp/swamp to get to webSWAMPs login screen and login with the credentials that were described in the last chapter (swamp_user:swamp for example). After selecting the workflow "Meeting" on the start page the following start-screen of the meeting workflow is displayed:

You can also see this workflow in action and test it here on the SWAMP demo server.

This is the default workflow startscreen. It contains all general information of the meeting workflow and some statistical data, for example how many running instances of the meeting workflow exist in the system, and who has started the latest one. The page also contains links to start a new meeting workflow and to generate a graphical workflow graph.

So let's go and start a new meeting workflow by clicking on "Start". The following screen will show up:

The system tells you that it has successfully started a new meeting workflow, and that the first task of it has been activated. Because you started it, you are now the owner of that workflow, and got the first task "Enter meeting data" assigned. You can proceed to this task by clicking on the link, and will the get this page presented:

This page contains your first task in the workflow. You have to fill in some fields to tell the workflow what the meeting is all about, for example the topic, date and agenda of the meeting. You have to enter a list of attendees and specify the username of the person who will take the meeting minutes. SWAMP expects a list of comma seperated usernames that are known to the system. Just putting in email adresses is also allowed. Fields that are marked with a "*" in tthe last column are mandatory. You can try what happens when you leave out a mandatory field.

When you have completed your task, you will be redirected to a page that shows the results of your action. There have been some events been triggered in the background, for example a email notification has been sent out to all attendees containing the information you entered. Also, the person who should take the meeting minutes got a reminder to post the minutes in a SWAMP task as soon as the meeting has been held.

The last screen shows the workflow overview page the can be reached by the links "running", "closed" or "all" workflows from the navigation bar on the left.

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