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The first run of SWAMP

To start SWAMP, please start the tomcat server with:

rctomcat5 start
After that, webSWAMP is available at the URL: http://<hostname>:8080/webswamp/swamp. The default SWAMP installation includes two example workflows which will be described in this section.

Workflow: Example

This workflow is just a presentation of SWAMPs core features. It includes examples for branching and merging the workflow's thread, and contains examples for different kinds of possible tasks. All elements that were referenced in the adminguide in the "How to write a workflow template" section can be found here. That should provide you with a good insight on how the different elements actually work.

Workflow: Meeting

The meeting workflow is "real-world" example of a useful workflow. It helps to organise a meeting which includes notifying the participants of the meetings data and agenda, collecting the meeting minutes afterwards and send them to all attendees. The next section contains a detailed description of the meeting workflow and its steps.

Workflow: minimal-test

This workflow contains the absolute minimum configuration for a valid workflow. It is basically included to test the framework, but it is also a good starting point for building your own workflow from scratch.

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