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SWAMP is localized using the commons-gettext library, which uses standard .po files. By calling bin/generate-po.sh .pot files will get created for webswamp and swamp-core at conf/i18n/keys.pot and webapps/webswamp/conf/i18n/keys.pot. Based on this .pot file you can create a translation file using a GUI editor, for example kbabel. When building SWAMP, the available .po files will automatically get installed. (You have to add the available languages to build.xml and webapps/webswamp/java/de/suse/swamp/modules/screens/Preferences.java at the moment)

To use localized texts in the code, you have to create an instance of: de.suse.swamp.util.I18n like this:

I18n i18n = new I18n(getClass(), "de.suse.swamp.webswamp.i18n.Webswamp");
(replace the second parameter with: de.suse.swamp.webswamp.i18n.Swamp when calling from swamp-core code)

Then, each usage of:

i18n.tr("text to translate", user)
will get trasnlated into the users preferred language and:
i18n.tr("text to translate")
will get translated to the configured default language of the system. If a text is not available in the .po file, the text from the method call will be returned.

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