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Updating / maintenance of the server

To update an existing SWAMP instance to a newer version you have to pay attention to some things. The complete state of the system is stored in the database backend. So, to be able to restore your system if something goes wrong you need a copy of your databese, and your workflow definitions. It is recommended to backup your database regulary, SWAMP already comes with a script that can do that for you. Call:

to make a backup using mysqldump and gzip.

Every new SWAMP release comes with a file called UPGRADING. This file contains notes on changes to the database layout and workflow definition format in the new version. Thus you know how to convert your backed up state to the new version if there have been incompatible changes.

If you are running into space problems, or want to keep your backups small, you can safely emtpy the tables: dbEventHistory, dbHistory and dbNotifications. Your SWAMP will also run without he content of these tables, but will not be able to provide history information of old workflows.

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