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Setting up authentication with LDAP / other datasource

The SWAMP user backend can be connected to a central LDAP server for authentication and getting user data which is a common scenario in large companies. To switch to the LDAP authentication the setting of AUTH_CLASS in the conf/defaults file has to be changed to de.suse.swamp.core.security.SWAMPLDAPUserManager. The LDAP connection is configured by the additional LDAP_ config values. When a user is requested the first time, he gets fetched from the LDAP server and gets stored in the SWAMP database. So we don't have to query the LDAP backend everytime. Authentication always happens directly against LDAP, so we don't store the users passwords in SWAMP.

Users that are available from the database and have a value in the passwordHash field will get authenticated from there. This is useful for adding additional users to SWAMP when you don't have admin access to the LDAP server.

To implement another authentication method, you need to write a class that implements the interface de.suse.swamp.core.security.UserManagerIface and set it as AUTH_CLASS in the conf/defaults file.

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