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SWAMP Workflow Administration And Management Project
SWAMP - The Workflow Platform

SWAMP is a workflow processing platform. Workflows are processes with many people involved in many working steps. In a real world scenario these workflows are highly dynamic, but still many systems try to hardcode the business logic. That leads to raising efforts to adapt the system.

Here is where SWAMP steps in: The workflow is designed in a XML based meta language in one file which is read by SWAMP. Workflows can be built from different workflow 'patterns' like simple actions, decisions, selections, loops, but also custom code and external events if required.

SWAMP builds a HTML GUI from the workflow definition file that guides different users through the whole process, sends notifications if required, assembles overview pages over all running processes and much more. A SOAP interface can be used to integrate external systems into the workflow.

These are SWAMPs main Features:
  • Support of many different workflow patterns
  • Flexibility in workflow design: A workflow can be specified in a single XML file
  • Workflow evolution: Workflows can be developed while in operation (versioning)
  • Ease of use: clear and straightforward XML based workflow definition language, no coding skills needed
  • Workflows can attach data and files
  • Automatic web-GUI generation for handling individual tasks and administrating workflows
  • Running on Linux + Windows with OS-independant tools: Java, Tomcat, MySQL
  • MySQL + LDAP authentication possible
  • User and Role management, workflows/tasks can be restricted
  • Mail notification system included
  • Workflows can embed groovy scripts
  • Localized using .po files: English, german + czech included
  • Unlimited amount of different workflow-types on one server
  • Scheduler to control time-critical workflow paths
  • SOAP interface allows interaction with external systems
  • Openness: Custom code allows unlimited functionality, event- and data gateways
  • Customizeable overview lists with filters
SWAMP -> Solve the desaster

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